I had the honor of receiving an Advance Reader’s Copy of ‘Frantic’ by Mike Dellosso not too long ago and could not put it down from the second I started reading until I finished the book. It’s due out February 7, 2012 and I highly recommend it!!

Heart-pounding action from start to finish.

Marny Toogood was a man plagued by death and tragedy from birth, and the ‘curse’ shaped his entire life. He feared for anyone he came across, sure their close proximity to him would end badly for them. But a crumpled note thrown out of a car window and the pleading blue eyes of Esther drew him to her, curse or not.

Frantic draws the reader into non-stop, on the edge of your seat action from the moment the story begins until the last page. Marny tries his hardest to keep Esther and her young brother, William, safe from the madman who kept them prisoner, but they barely manage to stay a step ahead in an endless pursuit with nowhere safe to go.

Frantic not only delivers on the action, it’s also filled with the deep truth that nothing is more powerful than faith in almighty God. With a beautifully blended story of heartache, fear, faith, and grace, Mike Dellosso once again pulls the heartstrings, intrigues the mind, and takes the reader on a thrill ride that is sure to entertain and enlighten.