Something Called Redemption

What is redemption? And why does it seem to come so easily for some, but be impossibly elusive to others?

After devastating loss, Ian Gray gives up searching for a purpose in life and merely exists from one day to the next. When he witnesses a heinous crime, it only further cements in his mind what he believes to be the truth: that there is no redemption for him. But there are those around him who refuse to give up until he understands the true meaning of redemption and forgiveness.

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Searching For Deliverance

What bonds are more real? The shackles of an evil captor or the memories of a devastating past?

Cameron is a young boy in search of deliverance from the man who’s made his life a living nightmare. In reaching out for help he is guided to Adrian Blaine, a counselor who needs his own deliverance from a past that haunts him.

While the police and Adrian struggle to learn where the boy came from and what abuse he’s been dealt, a hired killer is sent to Haven to apprehend Cameron, and deal with anyone he may have talked to.

Will Cameron be ripped from the peace he’s only just discovering? Is deliverance possible, or just a dream he shouldn’t dare to hope for?

Coming Soon!!


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